Our key focus is “Helping clients identify and better understand their shoppers & consumers to ensure Loyalty & Growth”. 

FIC. Consumer TARGETS™

In today’s economy, targeting the right consumer segments is a key to successful marketing solutions but who is this Right Consumer and how do marketers go about finding them? The aim of FIc. ConsumerTARGETS is to help clients have a better understanding of their core and ideal buyers and users of their products and/or services. We do this through Market Segmentation & Profiling offering clear insights into the following: Geographic & Demographics Psychographics – Attitudes towards life Behavioral – Needs and Wants Socio-economic – Attitudes & Access to money Product-Related – Product Usage & Ownership and Benefits Lifestyle, Entertainment, & Media choices

FlC. Behavioral Check™

Behavioural CHECK is our Usage Behaviours and Customer Experience solution aiming to help clients keep track of the ever-changing shopping and consumption behaviors & patterns. We specifically look at the category level to best understand usage and attitudes against competitors, as we believe that “understanding of consumer decision-making process helps to turn brands into category winners”. Key benefits include, identifying the following: Usage rates Usage occasions Loyalty & brand advocacy Customer satisfaction levels Identify problems areas and how to best fix them Identify & Monitor Trends

FIc. Relationship MONITOR ™

Your customers are the most important part of your business. Keeping your customers happy is an essential part of a customer service organization.
A way to improve your relationships with customers can be through using Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We, therefore, recommend FIc.Relationship MONITOR to provide you with many insights into your customers which could be used to track the following: interactions with your customers purchases preferences customer history level of satisfaction The aim of FIc.RelationshipMONITOR is to strengthen customer relationships, build personal connections with your customers, expand the customer base, resolve issues quicker, and retain your customers.

Journey MAPPING ™

It is important to understand how consumers move through a decision-making process in order to purchase a product or service. Journey Analysis & Mapping helps to know when to BEST LAUNCH Marketing Activities through tracking the following Consumer Decision-Making Process: Consumer Decision-Making Process Need Recognition Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Post-purchase Evaluation

Testing SURVEYS ™

The success of any product and market activation can be measured by how best it will be accepted by the consumers. That is where FIc. TestingSURVEYS comes in, to ensure that every idea presented by the marketing team resonates well with the consumers and if not, can be modified or canned before going into costly production. The following are the different types of testing that we can do: New Concept Testing New Product Testing New Pack Design Testing Advertising Testing

FlC Industry Reports ™

The main aim of the Fic. Industry REPORTS is to afford our clients to get a glance of the quarterly high level comparison and analysis on fifteen (15) super categories across the South African consumer landscape. The reports contain: Key Statistics Snapshot Industry Main Activities Industry Performance Industry Trends Consumer Overview