Our key focus is “Helping clients identify and better understand their shoppers & consumers to ensure Loyalty & Growth”. 

Mystery Shopping

Used to measure quality of service based on pre-determined criteria where an interviewer poses as a shopper.

Focus Groups

A group of people brought together to participate in a guided discussion.

CAPI (Face-to-Face Interviews)

Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing. An interviewer administers a questionnaire and records the respondents answers onto a computer.

SMS Surveys

A survey administered by using small messaging services on mobile phones and data is collected.


Observing an ongoing behaviour of a respondent.

CATI (Telephone Interviews)

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. They takes place over the telephone and respondents are asked a set of pre-designed questions.

Online Surveys

A Web questionnaire completed on the internet, usually web forms.

Ethnography & Immersions

Knowing the world from a social/cultural views and viewing people in their natural environment.

WhatsApp Group Chats

Group research chats on What'sApp messaging platform.

Store Audits

The measure of the effectiveness, trends in sale, volumes of sales, stock levels, marketing and promotional tactics of a brand or product in retail.